We are constantly striving to enhance the product to preserve intact a fine heritage of genuine traditional craftsmanship. We have always been committed to maintaining high quality, firstly to satisfy more specific customers, and also to target a wider market, through production crafted and designed to satisfy a broadening base of demanding and specialised customers.

Our products are not targeted only at a specific niche market, but cater for a much broader clientele, offering items that can be used in many different and creative ways, ranging from professional pastries, with our line of high-proof spirits which includes a variety of flavours and distilled with superfine production techniques, rum aged from 3 to 12 years, classic soaking liqueurs such as Benevento, Alkermes, fruit soaks, alcohol-free soaks for specific uses, Next and Elite lines, to home-made pastries, with our GDO retail line comprising a wide range of alcoholic flavourings and alcohol-free soaks in a smaller format. We also offer a line of liqueurs called "Le Selezioni", the result of an exacting study to select the best ingredients which, blended together, create a unique product. Our selections include an infusion of bitter herbs, an infusion of lemon peel, a typical Chianti grappa, and a liquorice extract. We also offer cream liqueurs flavoured with hazelnut and lemon.

Staff Ruffini

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Legal representative
GIANFRANCO FABIANI - gianfranco@distillerieruffini.com

Managing director
RITA FABIANI - rita@distillerieruffini.com

Research and development
DUCCIO FABIANI - duccio@distillerieruffini.com
Dott. FILIPPO TARQUINI - filippo@distillerieruffini.com

Marketing & communication
Dott.ssa REBECCA FABIANI - rebecca@distillerieruffini.com

Production director, Technical and commercial office
RICCARDO FABIANI - riccardo@distillerieruffini.com

Commercial office
SILVIA BALDI - silvia@distillerieruffini.com
STEFANIA BROGELLI - stefania@distillerieruffini.com

Administrative office
ELISABETTA PELLI - elisabetta@distillerieruffini.com