Historic production sector of the company. Ruffini distilleries offer a line of distillates with a high alcoholic content that includes several tastes: rum, classical baths, fruity baths, alcoholic baths. A good distillate success dependes on several factors, some of them are technical ones, such us the distillation and rectification process, the infusion technique to extract the active principles and fragrances from vegetables, soaking etc, others are more secret, some clever devices and refining, being handed down over the years and kept jealously among the yellowed pages of recipe books. The best yeld of distillates is optained by mixing them with the syrup prepared on the moment and made it cold.

RUM Distillates

To prepare quality confectionery

There are several types of rums with different tastes and perfumes that vary depending on the country of origin of the sugarcane distillate: Antilles Islands, Martinique, Cuba, Jamaica.
The basis for a very good rum results from a good sugarcane distillate. Sugarcane distillation takes place in the origin countries through rectification columns where it is stored into durmast barrels and afterwards aged. This distillate is refined through suitable aromatic procedures that make it be appropriate for confectionery purposes.

Flavors (2 lt. - 9 bottles boxes):
Anne Bonny - Habana - Guanaba - Jamaica Black Label - Negrum bianco (White Negrum) - Negrum scuro (Dark Negrum) - Perla Nera

Rhum 4.0

RHUM 4.0
The evolution of our traditional rums

New products have been studied in order to provide the Ruffini range with even higher quality. They are different in concept as they have been made with distillation techniques that aim at obtaining a pure rectified distillate that does not contain unpleasant distillation residues or organoleptic contaminants.
Different from one another, but all with a high concentration of pure distillates; they aim, in addition to higher quality, even to a higher durability of flavour and aroma.

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Classical Baths

Pure distillate with the traditional method of alembic

The distillate can be of plants, of aromatic flowers or fruits chosen and selected with care. They are alcoholic products, mainly at 40°, 60° and 70°, that appropriately diluted with water and sugar are used to soak sponge cake. This soaking is one of the main secrets of quality confectionery.
During the distillation with the traditional method of the alembic several vegetables matrixes are introduced with the addition of hydroalcoholic solution (alcohol + water); they are made be soaked and afterwards are distillated; they allow to axtrect the pure aromatic portion from the vegetable portion giving a very agreable and persistent intensity to the product.
The essential difference between distillates and alkoholates is actually the former ones' capability to keep the fragrance and the aromatic characteristics over the time.

Flavors (2 lt. - 9 bottles boxes):
Alkermes - White Alkermes - Exra Red Alkermes - Amaretto - Anise - Benevento - Coffee - Certosa - Chocolate - Vanilla - Vanilla cream - Douce Orange

Classical baths with natural colourings agents:
Alkermes - Benevento - Benevento L'Alchimista - Certosa

Fruity baths

Fruity specialties

Through distillation and infusion it is possible to extract all the aromatic principles of several fruit typologies and compounds that, afterwards, will be mixed by means of suitable aromatic procedures in order to obtain a series of tasty harmonies of fruit tastes.

Flavors (2 lt. - 9 bottles boxes):

Orange - Cherry - Curaçao - Strawberry - Wild berries - Kirsch - Lemon - Fruit salad - Tangerine - Maraschino - Hazelnut - Pear - Peach

Fruity baths with natural colourings agents:
Orange - Strawberry - Wild berries - Fruit salad - Tangerine

Distillates Elite line


High quality 12-Year Rum

Flavors (2 lt. - 9 bottles boxes):
Habana - Benevento - Jamaica - Maraschino - Vanilla

Distillates Next line


High concentration distillates, new generation of products, armonious tastes, unique flavors.

Flavors (2 lt. - 9 bottles boxes):
Ciokorhum - Cofferhum - Panna Rhum - Fragolimo

40 baths


Flavors (2 lt. - 9 bottles boxes):
Dubleov - Gran Caffè - Negrum Scuro (dark Negrum)

Analcoholic baths

To prepare alcohol-free cakes

Analcoholic baths are mainly used to prepare cakes for special purposes such as cakes for children or for demands of alcohol-free cakes.
The baths preserve those characteristics of taste and perfume that Ruffini has been able to keep, allowing to meet customers' needs with a wide range of products.
In order to obtain a very good analcoholic bath it is advisable to dilute a portion of the product in one or two portions of water.

Flavors (2 lt. - 9 bottles boxes):
Alkermes - Orange - Benevento - Coffee - Strawberry - Wild berries - Lemon - Fruit salad - Maraschino - Exotic mix - Hazelnut - Rum - Vanilla