Quality policy

DISTILLERIE RUFFINI S.R.L. is a company specializing in the production of spirits, liqueurs, aromas and additives, born in Florence and moved to Barberino Tavarnelle (FI). Since its earliest origins, tradition and craftsmanship have been the hallmark of this company, without ever neglecting innovation and research. The continuous experimentation with new formulations that meet the taste of customers, the customization of products and the high reactivity in fulfilling requests, are clear expressions of how much customer satisfaction is fundamental for this company. In addition, the passion and dedication of those who work within this company have contributed to making it grow and making it become a reference point for the sector today. The Management promotes the culture of Quality through the commitment of all those who work in the company and for the company. This requires everyone to be involved and be aware of their role and responsibility in achieving the objectives of Quality and continuous improvement. The commitment of the management of DISTILLERIE RUFFINI S.R.L. it is also aimed at acquiring and maintaining ever greater competitiveness with the competition, through the full satisfaction of the customer's expectations, in terms of quality and high level of the product supplied. DISTILLERIE RUFFINI S.R.L. therefore undertakes to adopt a Quality Policy (PQ) based on objectives that arise from a careful analysis of the internal structure (employees and collaborators), the results achieved, the external environment, and the requests of customers and interested parties.

The primary objectives of our company

• full customer satisfaction, with particular attention to feedback and complaints expressed
• the high quality of the product
• the continuous improvement of the entire company system
• the optimization of business processes
• the professional development of employees
• maintaining a proven reliability of its suppliers
• motivate, empower, recognize merits and sensitize staff to improvement.

Certificazione Iso 9001 Ruffini

To achieve these objectives, our company aims to promote, develop and support the following activities:
• the broad and widespread involvement of all personnel, for the continuous improvement of processes and therefore of the product, in order to make them aware of the role of each
• training at all levels for professional improvement • the promotion and dissemination of the mentality of continuous improvement also among our suppliers
• the prevention, reduction and elimination of non-conformities, since process / product anomalies result in additional costs and possible damage to their customers
• the certification of its Quality Management System in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard
• the maintenance of the Traceability System in accordance with current legislation (EC Reg. 178/02)
• compliance with the hygiene self-control system existing in the company

The Management assumes the responsibility of disseminating and supporting the Quality Policy, appropriate to the company's purposes and the extent of the risks, and to establish the improvement objectives annually. The quality objectives, completed annually by those specific to the sector and indicated in the Management review documents, can only be achieved with the continuous and complete commitment of each of us.